The reason the war isn’t ending

March on Washington Sept 15

Ruling class unity on continued occupation of Iraq

The goal of controlling the resources of Iraq is not just on Bush’s agenda, it is on the agenda of all the representatives of the ruling class that occupy Congress, although some advocate different tactics.

What other explanation can there be? The public opposes the war, the ruling class ignores them. Let’s get in the streets on September 15 for the March on Washington.


  1. Bob,

    I will be there with you on September 15, but don’t you think it’s time we employed some other tactics? I just had a really interesting conversation with a girl who is here illegally from Indonesia. She said, “Those aren’t protests [talking about our anti-war protests specifically] those are celebrations.” Then I read a really interesting piece on Indymedia LA; and the guy was basically making a similar argument. Saying, “You don’t ask for permission [getting permits and the like] to protest. The ruling elite can accept that all day long.

    Now I’m not saying we give up on the large demos. But there seems to be a need to do something more. To ratchet it up a bit. I wonder what your thoughts are.



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