My next Windows computer will be a Mac

Tired of the endless security holes, bug fixes, and inconsistencies in Windows? Looking for an alternative but realize you might need to run XP or Vista at least occasionally?

Get a Mac. Then install Parallels. It costs a mere $79 and allows you to run other operating systems without rebooting, in a window on the desktop. Parallels works, hardened geeks tell me they haven’t found any Windows app it can’t run.

Thus, my next computers will be Macs, as they now offer the best of all possible computer worlds. No doubt I won’t run Windows much after getting one, but a MacBook running Parallels with Ubuntu and XP seems the way to go.

Apple is poised to become a juggernaut. iTunes and the iPod changed the music business forever, the iPhone may do the same for cell phones, and Apple computer sales were up 26% this past quarter.

An uber-geek friend who has a web server in his house along with eleven computers recently bought his first Mac. He said, hey, it’s just better, and then sold several of his Windows boxes and bought more Macs. Sign of the times?


  1. I’m doing it at my new job… it’s amazing! I’m running XP on paralells with OSX.

  2. I’ve broken down. After using PCs for 20 years, I’m preparing to replace my laptop with a mac.

    I don’t mind.

  3. As another option: run Wubi
    with Windows to access the delights of Unbuntu (Linix)

  4. With Parallels you can run Mac, Windows, and Linux ON THE SAME MACHINE AT THE SAME TIME, either in separate windows or, with one key stroke, in full-screen mode (with a cool rotating cube effect to switch).

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