Free Haneef

Arrest me

Mohamed Haneef is being charged with terrorism in Australia because he lent his SIM card to a relative later accused of plotting car bomb attacks. He has not been linked with or charged with that plot, just with lending his SIM card. He is being held in solitary confinement and the Australian government says they will deport him regardless of what happens at the trial.

Socialist Alliance is mobilizing to protest these Orwellian scare tactics. Leftclick has links to download posters and flyers.

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  1. gee, what an easy way out for the hoard govt (rudd would do the same, its all Illuminati!) What a pack of fools they are that they think that aussies dont realise what is going on. now he will have ASIO and others on his arse making usre he doesnt talk about the whole ordeal. Either way, you will see this again, lies and lies, trying to change laws so they have complete control of a microchipped population…..Dont believe it, wait and see!!! Nick Cushen Gold Coast

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