Mexico: A nation-state dissolves?

Jeff Vail gives ample documentation and links to show that the nation-state of Mexico is collapsing.

John Robb echoes the idea with Just-in-time disruption begins in Mexico. A pipeline was blown up by insurgents, and 800 businesses have been shut down, in addition to the gas supply to several cities.

Then there’s the increasing power of the drug cartels, who often are better-armed and equipped than police, as well as controlling some areas (and police as well.)

What happens if Mexico starts to wobble? We may find out.


  1. It occurs to me that we may have to legalize drugs to clear out the gangs in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. Interesting to see what the drug lords would do with their cash as supplies became cheap and plentiful.

    I love it: legalize drugs as part of the national security policy.

  2. Much like a proactive “enemy-prevention” foreign policy, legalizing drugs is far too sensible to survive the political process. I have often wondered, with politicians battling essentially to keep prices high, how could they NOT have a vested interest in the drug trade?

    Parts of the government have been involved in the trade, from smuggling heroin in the 1970s, to flying pot and cocaine into Georgia in the 1980s, to (if you believe the reports) inventing and promoting crack in the late 1980s and 1990s. If prices go down, the cartels may not be the only ones who lose.

    Maybe, when the government said it was interested in national security, you thought they meant OUR security?

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