Casting out Dementors and the Bush Administration

Expecto patronum

In the Harry Potter books, a Dementor is a “soul-sucking fiend” that destroys happiness, joy, and all that which makes life worth living. They can be banished by using the Patronus Charm, in which the wizard focuses on positive feelings, then forcefully yells “expecto patronum,” points his wand, and sends the soul-sucker back to the nether-worlds.

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but there certainly seems to be a parallel here between Dementors and the Bush Administration, or so think many Harry Potter fans.

Rumor has it they wait in public areas with televisions; bars, airports, stores, and the like, for Bush or Cheney to appear on television. Then, in unison, they whip out their wands, and scream “expecto patronum” in hopes of expelling those two abominations back To Whence They Came.

Ok, maybe this hasn’t happened yet. But it would certainly be good for a giggle or two if it did, as well as getting a political point across.

Update: With a TV-B-Gone, a gadget that turns off any TV in the area, the results could be quite dramatic. Cast the Patronus Charm, click the gadget, then watch as the TV goes blank. Hmmm.