L.A. impeachment rally

Activists in Los Angeles have opened an “impeachment headquarters” and held their first rally on Wednesday.

“Isn’t it ironic that Paris Hilton will spend more days in jail than Libby?” said Byron De Lear, a Green Party activist.

Rep. Maxine Waters, a member of House Judiciary Committee, said “We can make changes through organizing. If the numbers are in the streets, Congress will listen.”

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Byron  brought down the house at the press conference and the picnic with his Paris Hilton/Libby line! It’s the front page article in LA Times today!

The press conference at the Peace Center/Impeachment Center was packed with spectators and press –4 tv cameras , LA Times and others.

Their website is bcimpeach.com. That this made the front page of the LA Times demonstrates how impeachment is going mainstream.

7 thoughts on “L.A. impeachment rally

  1. Thanks, Bob. I got a little carried away. I haven’t seen the print edition and someone emailed me that it was the cover story. I think it is on pg. 3 of the California section and ran with two photos, an outside shot of Center with activists/ large IMPEACHMENT letters on the building and a photo of Jackie Goldberg and Maxine Waters at the press conference.

  2. I still say we shouldn’t impeach Bush unless you have a plan to do something about his replacement. The current contender is a worse wacko than Dubya.

  3. The LA Times article has spread virally to other print media, too, even including a snippet in the US News and World Report! It made KNBC’s broadcast at 5 pm on the 4th and one friend told me he heard it covered on a mainstream radio news program.
    Apparently there were 80 people at the Peace/Impeachment Center today! Among my own circle of friends, the response has been enthusiastic. Now, to keep it going and building!

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