Sicko. The movie

From a NYMag review of Michael Moore’s apparent new mega-blockbuster, Sicko.

Kaiser Permanente emerges as the supervillain, if only because of an astounding 1971 Oval Office recording. On the tape, John Ehrlichman convinces a dubious (or drunk) Richard Nixon to go along with Edgar Kaiser’s scheme to create a for-profit managed-care system on the grounds that hospitals would have incentives to give less care.

I’ve read multiple reviews of Sicko by people who say they can’t stand Michael Moore but the movie is brilliant, moving, and made them cry. We could be looking at a political earthquake caused by Sicko. Expect vicious retaliation by the Kaisers, insurance companies, and other assorted greedheads and slime, so let’s stand by Moore and defend him from the sickos.

Socialized medicine is coming to the US. Doctors, I’m told, in a major US hospital who were utterly opposed to socialized medicine just a few years ago now see it as inevitable.

Sicko may be the precipitating event that makes it happen.