Who would have EVER thought they’d do that?

The operational commander of US troops in Baquba says 80% of top al-Qaeda leaders left the city before the attack commenced. He calls this cowardice, apparently clueless of that basic tactic of guerrilla warfare, “when the enemy attacks, retreat.” Perhaps he spews such propaganda silliness for FoxNews at home, while his troops terrorize the innocent and blow up their homes, something which will just create more recruits for al-Qaeda.

There are plenty of smart, dedicated people in the military, so it’s difficult to understand why such relentless ignorance is allowed to prevail.

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  1. No doubt he comes from the school of life where, when you call someone a coward, he’s forced to stand up and fight you lest he be branded a coward for the rest of his life. In that sense, my guess he probably thinks he’s luring the alleged leaders (and lets emphasize that word “alleged,” shall we, not to mention the question of “alleged” al Qaeda) into battle, if not this time, then next time, when they’ll be too embarrassed to flee. Fortunately for the resistance, they’re smarter than the U.S. military.

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