Canada warns Turkey on Armenian genocide

The PM of Canada warned Turkey for criticizing the Canadian government policy of recognizing the Armenian genocide, saying this would not help in normalizing relations.

In Britain, 133 parliamentarians voted support for the Armenian genocide resolution.

In the United States, Congress remains mostly mute on the matter. Because while of course the US decries genocide in the strongest of terms, too many in Congress say, maybe it wasn’t really a genocide because only a mere 1.5 million were exterminated. It depends how you define the term, they slither in evasion. Besides, darn it, Congress laments, the US might need Turkey to exterminate the Kurds, should the need arise, plus they are allies of Israel. So, sorry all you Armenians, Congress does feels your pain, but politics is politics, and you are expendable.

Inspirational, aren’t they?

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  1. If I were the government of Turkey, I would sign a Bill recognising the genocide of thousands of Native Canadians when the Europeans invaded North America.

    In addition i would recognise the slavery of Africans and the aubduction of younge Native children from their families and their placement in boarding schools against their will by the European settlers.

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