Agent Orange still in Vietnam

Agent Orange

Not only is it still there, a recent study found levels at a former US air base at Danang were 300-400 times higher than accepted limits.

These levels were in areas where Agent Orange was mixed before being put on planes to defoliate entire areas. Not only did it destroy the lives of innocent Vietnamese, it must have done the same to the unfortunate US soldiers who had to mix it.

And it’s still destroying lives in Vietname, judging from recent hideous health problems detailed in the article. The US appears to be doing as little as possible to remediate the health disaster it created.


  1. The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam was a huge war crime which has gone unpunshed and, as you say, is still destroying lives. In my first year of university I studied certain aspects of the Vietnam war and the use of Agent Orange (Code named Operation Hades). I was horrified when I discovered that it was produced by our old ‘friends’ Monsanto, along with Dow Chemicals (who also made napalm), Uniroyal, Hercules, Diamond Shamrock, Thompson Chemical and TH Agriculture. It was Monsanto who was the main supplier however, and who produced the most lethal mix. Attempts to sue Monsanto have still not succeeded (as far as I’m aware).

    Agent Orange was first tested on Puerto Rico where the island of Vieques has long been used to test nasty waepons (including depleted uranium munitions). Monsanto has been aware of the dangers of Agent Orange since the 1940s and has repeatedly sought to cover up the facts. A good source on Agent Orange is here (well woth a read). More here and here.

  2. Looking for information confirming the use of agent orange on Vieques, Puerto Rico. Appreciate any help. Thanks………..Jack

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