1. I still have serious misgivings. It sounds more like “One million blogs for foreign disinvolvement.” That’s not the same thing. Foreigners (i.e. the U.S.) started the war, made a mess of it, and essentially destroyed any government or reliable security. We went in and created a power vacuum with no plan whatsoever how to fill it. Now we’re going to walk away and leave Iraq to its chaotic fate? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!

    I’m not in favor of a military solution, but I am in favor of a practical transition from a political sphere dominated by the U.S. to a political sphere returned to the Iraqis– not an abrupt departure that leaves a power vacuum that can only bring more death.

    Unfortunately, so many Americans seem to have fallen into the trap laid by our leaders: that there are only two choices, fight on or pull out. There are many more choices than that. But these are the two that are politically easiest. Either way, Iraq will become a casualty of the two-party system– destroyed by the U.S. electorate’s lack of original thought.

    Peace is not just bringing the troops home. There’s a whole lot of hard work ahead if Iraq is to avoid becoming the next Somalia– and so far, no one wants to talk about who’s going to do it. If we bring the troops home, will those who signed the pledge go over and work for peace?

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