A socialist response to global warming

Karl Marx

Confronting the climate change crisis” details how socialism can provide answers to global warming.

A radical movement against climate change can be built around demands such as these:

Establish and enforce rapid mandatory reductions in CO2 emissions: real reductions, not phony trading plans.

Make the corporations that produce greenhouse gases pay the full cost of cutting emissions.

End all subsidies to fossil fuel producers.

Redirect the billions now being spent on wars and debt into public transit, into retrofitting homes and offices for energy efficiency, and into renewable energy projects.

Obviously these quite sane proposals will require new forms of government and economic systems. Short-term profit can no longer be allowed to be the supreme value. Instead, the long-term good of the planet and its people needs to be come first. This means that for global warming to be stopped, that capitalism has to be replaced by a system that is capable of doing so. Why? Because capitalism isn’t capable (or even particularly interested) is doing so. The inherent structure of capitalism, with its fixation on short-term profit, prevents it from doing so.

Humanity’s choice in the 21st Century is EcoSocialism or Barbarism.

There is no third way.