Differences between Connecticut and Los Angeles

(We recently moved to Connecticut from Los Angeles and here’s some of the differences)

The cats bring in chipmunks, not lizards.

Politics is more openly corrupt, with multitudes of news stories about politicians linked to organized crime. (I’m not saying politics here actually is more corrupt than in L.A., just that it’s more obvious and the politicians seem stupider and more venal. At least politicians in L.A. have the savvy not to dress and look like mafioso.)

You need to watch out for poison ivy rather than black widow spiders.

Supermarkets sell mild and medium but not hot salsa. On the odd chance that you might actually find hot salsa, it will be tepid and nothing approaching the Habanero Death Rattle variety available in most any L.A. supermarket.

Schools do not resemble prisons. There are no high fences, security gates, or warning signs. You can walk in without fear of being tasered.

They don’t know what traffic is here. Or road rage.

There’s plenty of water, even if the electrical power situation is at least as dysfunctional as in California.

Maple syrup is $40 a gallon, bought from the local farmer who made it. You can’t buy it by the gallon anywhere in L.A.

Waiters are just that, waiters. Not wannabe actors.

Dunkin’ Donuts has hegemony, not Starbucks. And they don’t burn their coffee beans either.

Fall is spectacular.

Fall foliage