1. Well, $26 dollars a unit for a community college is still a steal. But your point is well taken.

    A boss I once had commented that on a certain property in Santa Ana, CA, there would be built either a high school or a prison. He said, “At least a prison has fences around it!” Since, as we know, most of those students are headed for prison anyway, why not just put the money into the end product?

  2. Because education has nothing to do with crime!

  3. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they threw money at schools like they do at prisons. Funny how the “conservatives” think nothing about throwing money at a problem if it gets the people they want out of sight, which therefore solves the problem, right?

  4. Sue and I were startled to see that, unlike Los Angeles, schools here in the exburbs of CT are not surrounded by high fences and threatening signs. In L.A., some schools look quite a lot like prisons.

  5. My wife (who attended the notorious Venice (CA) High School– and is nevertheless able to read) was shocked to find that kids leaving the local school here in Utah wave at passing cars– and they’re using more than just one finger!!!

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