Obama foreign policy no different from Bush

Barack Obama says “we must not rule out using military force” against Iran and Syria, and both the Army and Marines will need substantially more troops. But he promises to bully less and listen more. Whatever that means. An allegedly kinder, gentler imperialism under president Obama still means invading other countries. I’m sure someone in Iran whose home is blown up by assault helicopters will appreciate his promise to listen more.

Of course it wouldn’t be kinder and gentler at all, and his policy is no different from that of Bush for any country that would be invaded.

“People around the world have heard a great deal of late about freedom on the march,” Obama writes. “Tragically, many have come to associate this with war, torture, and forcibly imposed regime change.”

Golly, now why would anyone think that? Rather than deal with the root cause, an invasion based on lies, Obama instead ignores it, promising trust me instead, even as he supports future invasions.