ANSWER Coalition calls for massive unified antiwar protests

The aim is not just one more demonstration but the largest antiwar demonstration in US history.

A mobilization of one million people marching on Washington DC would be the best possible trigger for an avalanche of grassroots organizing throughout the country and among service members and their families and veterans. It is time for something bold and broad. Something that sends an unmistakable message to the powers that be that the people of the United States have entered the field of politics in such a way as to become an irresistible force.

Each group and movement should maintain its political independence. Each group can inscribe on its banners a variety of slogans or ideas or demands but what will allow us to unite for the largest mobilization of all the people is the simple unifying demand. Whatever differences that exist between groups, and there are many and they are important, are not sufficient justification for preventing us from coming together in a show of force that will change the direction of this country. The lives of too many people, all victims of a criminal war, are too precious for our movement to tolerate anything that prevents us from reaching our potential to end the war in Iraq. With determination, maturity and mutual respect our diverse anti-war movement can unite.