Democrats deliberately caved on Iraq

The Dems pulled a sleazy parliamentary maneuver to pretend they opposed war funding then stepped aside so Repubs could pass it. Worse, the Dems then bragged to the press about how they fooled the American public. Drinking Liberally in New Milford has the full sordid tale and concludes with

This is what we’re dealing with folks. A party that runs to the press to brag about the brilliance of using their majority not to end the war, but to create a situation that makes it seem as if they oppose the war, while actually helping Republicans continue it.

The Twin Parties of Militarism and Imperialism lurch mindlessly on. With a few scattered exceptions, not one of them gives a damn about dead American soldiers (and certainly not about dead Iraqis) even as they will cry crocodile tears about it at today’s Memorial Day events.

Andrew Bacevich on his son’s death in Iraq

Money maintains the Republican/Democratic duopoly of trivialized politics. It confines the debate over U.S. policy to well-hewn channels. It preserves intact the cliches of 1933-45 about isolationism, appeasement and the nation’s call to “global leadership.” It inhibits any serious accounting of exactly how much our misadventure in Iraq is costing. It ignores completely the question of who actually pays. It negates democracy, rendering free speech little more than a means of recording dissent.This is not some great conspiracy. It’s the way our system works.

Then the answer must be: replace the current exploitative system with one that is humane and genuinely responsive to the people.

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  1. To be realistic, the U.S. COULD return to the multi-party democracy it once was. But it would need to find a charismatic leader committed, not to his or her own advancement, but to the democratization of society and the re-inclusion of that majority of the population currently so disgusted with the process that it doesn’t bother to vote. Where can such a leader be found? Not in Washington, surely. And you think we have trust issues with the Middle East? What will it take before the majority of Americans trust the political process again?

    In short, the elimination of choice by the Democratic-Republican party just over a hundred years ago was smooth, effective, and almost irreversible.

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