Looking in all the wrong places

Ranger Against War on the six Muslims arrested for plotting to attack Fort Dix.

Actual threats will not admit persons into their group without criminal/terrorist bona fides. If the FBI can infiltrate them and a video clerk can out them, rest assured they are are not a strategic threat.

That’s why homegrown gangs and criminal organizations are difficult to penetrate. They may have literally all grown up together on the same streets. Ditto for Al Qaida types who might have fought together as mooj against the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980’s and have ties and bonds outsiders know nothing about. If you can’t walk their walk and talk their talk, they won’t let you anywhere near anything important. Maybe they’ll just feed you disinformation instead. Or kill you.

Real terror cells are not infiltrated. These reports play well in Peoria, and justify $100’s of billions being expended for our safety. What a sick joke.

Hey, whatever happened to those ludicrous color terror alerts? Just another absurd waste of money, designed to scare citizens, while accomplishing precisely nothing, weren’t they? Feel safer?