1. With, we should note, one of the most liberal, antiwar Mayors in the country.

  2. But the newspapers are strongly influenced by the LDS Church. I don’t follow SLC politics way down here in Iron County, but how a liberal mayor got elected in such a conservative state is beyond me. Even our Democratic Rep. Jim Mattheson is more conservative than a lot of Republicans! (But more practical, too.)

  3. I bet six months from now that we’re still having this discussion about Gonazlez. Bush doesn’t care about the Justice department, so why should he care that everybody realizes that Gonzalez is both an incompetent and a liar and an abuser of power? The latter two Bush likes, and he will tolerate incompetence in exchange for slavish loyalty. Since he doesn’t care that the government be run at all, let alone properly, why would he possibly care what the Congress thinks?

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