Cities go green under Clinton plan

This is definitely interesting. Former President Bill Clinton’s foundation has arranged one billion in loans to major cities to retrofit their buildings and make them more energy-efficient, thus saving money. If the companies doing the work don’t reach the goals, they pay the difference themselves or keep working until they get it right.

Big players here. Major investment banks. In a continuing trend, the real action is on the city and state level because the federal government is comatose.

“Unfortunately, it has fallen to the mayors to do it because at the federal level in this country and other countries, they seem to be tied up,” [Mayor] Bloomberg [of NYC] said.

The federal government in the US is tied up. Other governments, like Germany, Japan, and Australia are fully aware of the threat of global warming and are implementing plans and changes. It’s the US government that is the among the most backwards and resistant to change – and that includes both parties.

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