Data centers go green

Sun CoolThreads

IBM will be spending $1 billion a year to make its data centers more energy efficient.

The company has aptly titled this initiative Project Big Green, and claims that it will enable the average 25,000-square-foot data center to cut its energy bills by 42 percent.

Google too

Companies such as Google, which has quietly rolled out a massive network of advanced data centres, have built new plants on the banks of large rivers to harness hydroelectric power.

One of the most dramatic advances perhaps are the new Sun T1000 servers. They are the most energy efficient ever, using about the power of a light bulb, a mere 72 watts per processor, resulting in huge savings on electricity and cooling. Video.

As mentioned before, large corporations are doing what the US government should be doing, moving fast to become energy-efficient and green. Sure, they see money in it, both in savings to themselves and future revenue as they sell the technology and skill sets to others. But they are doing it. Large corporations will be the driving wheel towards energy efficiency in the U.S. because only they have the money, resources, and technological chops to implement the change, especially given that the U.S. government is obstructionist and comatose about energy efficiency.

Via Gigaom