More on Tyler Froatz

As reported here, Tyler Froatz was arrested on May 1 in DC on weapons charges and for assaulting Sarah Sloan of the ANSWER Coalition at an immigrant rights rally in DC. He is being held without bail.

Kristinn Taylor, who was quoted in articles as being a friend of Froatz, is head of the DC chapter of the hard right Free Republic. Froatz is also a member. There’s nothing about this on Free Republic so maybe the topic has been banned. Scanning other hard right wing sites perhaps shows the reason why. There’s little if any support for what Froatz did. Even Taylor is backing away from him.

“Like a lot of people who feel strongly about the immigration issue, he was out protesting,” Taylor said, who added Froatz was not working for Free Republic during his protest.

Considering the severity of the charges, it seems probable Froatz will go to prison. His next court appearance is May 17. Given the culture of violence and hatred the hard right can encourage, it’s hardly surprising when its perhaps more mentally unstable adherents nut up and do things like this.