Minuteman member Froatz denied bail

Minuteman member Tyler Froatz, who was arrested for assaulting an ANSWER Coalition organizer on May 1 in DC, has been denied bail. He was also arrested on weapons charges after police searched his apartment and found an arms cache, including unpermitted guns, as well as a loaded M-1 rifle in his car. He had a 12 inch knife on him when arrested.

Police also discovered an explosive resembling a Molotov cocktail. The cocktail was found in a Welch’s grape juice bottle wrapped in a t-shirt and appeared to be a mix of gasoline with a jelly-like substance which if it exploded would stick to a person “like napalm,” [Detective] Freeman explained.

He was arrested in Meridian Hill Park (AKA Malcolm X Park) which is a federal park. This presumably means the charges are federal, which generally are way more serious than state charges. While there might be parts of the country where a loaded M-1 in your car is legal, I’m sure D.C. isn’t one of them.

DownTheToobz says:

Imagine if Tyler Joseph Froatz was named Tayib Jamal Farahani and was of Middle Eastern decent. To say that this would have generated some national interest is a bit of an understatement. This would have been splattered all over CNN for hours. Fox would have had a field day. The wingnut blogs would have been on this like ugly on an ape for weeks.

When a foreigner gets caught plotting to kill Americans, it’s new$. When a white conservative gets busted? Not so much. Welcome to the United States of Bigotry.

Yes, the media is oddly silent when right-wingers get arrested on violent charges, isn’t it?

In other Minuteman news, Jim Gilchrist has been forced out of the Minuteman group he started in California and a Florida founder of a Minuteman group has also been purged. The internal strife appears to center on, big surprise, who controls the money and where did it go.

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  1. Calling a Molotov cocktail an explosive is a bit of a misnomer. An “incendiary device” would be the correct description of what it actually is since it doesn’t go BOOM! It just breaks and burns.

    Dang reporters can’t get anything right these days.

    But you are right… Where is the coverage concerning this terrorist’s arrest? I hadn’t heard about it until I clicked in here.

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