Genuine recycling

Tyson Foods and ConocoPhillips plan to produce biodiesel from animal fat.

This is where recycling really starts to make sense, at the industrial and producer level. They can create new businesses from leftover animal slop that currently is expensive to get rid of and ends up getting burned or (yuck) dumped in a landfill.

The consumer often gets stuck with the recycling job. But that’s not where the answer will be. Rather, it’ll be by smart manufacturing and processing methods like these that create much less to recycle in the first place.

In Europe they already do this with cars. Mercedes and other manufacturers label every part of a car, so when a part comes back, they know exactly what it is and more importantly, how to recycle it.

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  1. That is a timely idea. So much of our packaging cannot be recylcled just for lack of labelling. For example, although plastic soda bottles and milk jugs are recyclable, the caps and rings are not made of the same plastic. (The bottles are PETE while the caps are often HDPE or something else.) But for the consumer the caps are just trash, because they’re not labelled for recycling. Same with the plastic labels that are increasingly used.

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