LAPD chief says inappropriate force used during rally

LAPD brutality

That’s right, even LAPD chief William Bratton was appalled by the thuggish behavior of his own troops towards immigration rights protesters and members of the media yesterday in L.A. But then, Bratton has said this kind of thing before, but nothing ever seems to change, does it?

As one who lived in L.A. for thirty years and recently moved, hey, I’ve been in lots of cities, and police elsewhere just don’t have the RoboCop aura of menace that LAPD does, something that doesn’t contribute to effective policing or good relations with the public. But then, LAPD hardly ever seems concerned with that.

This kind of noxious police brutality happens every day in L.A. The only difference this time is that it was video’ed multiple times, including by tv stations, so Bratton couldn’t deny it happened. That they will launch a phony investigation where no cop is disciplined, much less goes to prison, is a given.

Express your outrage. Send a fax to L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa that Bratton be fired.

And Hell yes this is personal, some of my friends were shot at with rubber bullets and beaten.

Update: Full information now online at