2 thoughts on “Biodiesel will not drive down global warming

  1. I didn’t know that crops contribute to global warming. It’s counterintuitive, since trees do not. However, further reading suggests that cropland’s effect is due to N2O released as a result of overfertilization. This occurs from both pretroleum-derived and natural (manure) fertilizers. But cropland also sequesters carbon, effectively reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, and if N2O is controlled through improved farming practices, cropland can have a significant beneficial impact on greenhouse gases.

    The theme seems to be that overfertilization is common practice, but doesn’t need to be. (Why doesn’t this surprise me?) IF (and I emphasize IF) N2O production were minimized in biodiesel production, one wonders whether this would tip the scale toward a net benefit with respect to greenhouse gases.

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