1. Oh man. Desperation just doesn’t cut in any more… We need a new word. Look at this:


  2. Wow.

    “new ‘superpoll’ [shows Labour] is facing a humiliating defeat in four days. According to the poll, which questioned nearly 2,000 people, the SNP will easily become the largest party”

  3. The SNP may become the largest party in Scotland, Blair may resign and his clone with the same imperialist mind set take over, but where does that leave the people? Scotland can have it’s very own tartan imperialist capitalists while Britain remains in the hands of the Britiah imperialist capitalists, both governed by the Western imperialist corporate world.

  4. But it could be a wedge for change, and a chance to radicalize people.

  5. I agree that there is always that possibility, but I believe that the “voters” having “voted” for change will sit back with their expectations high, and see what happens after the “new mob” are imstalled and when change doesn’t happen will fall back on to apathy, but obviously I hope for a rise in direct action.

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