1. There is no small irony here: Clinton admitted to having sex, and retained office. Tobias claims not to, and didn’t. But of course, the Repubs all claim to be virgins, so this sort of blemishes a Republican reputation. For the Dems, on the other hand, sex is OK, and so is driving your car off a bridge while drunk. It’s being seen as pro-war that’ll kill a career.

    And they say there’s no difference…

  2. No, no, no. Clinton said it wasn’t sex. And perhaps the question for Tobias is, precisely what was it that was getting massaged.

    Or maybe he was into something seriously kinky, given the speed of his fall.

  3. Why didn’t he simply have an affair with one of his staff, like all CEOs? Do these guys check their brains when they go to DC?

  4. I think something bigger is happening here, his fall was too fast, much faster than is normal in situations like this.

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