1. “[T]he unions were no longer organizations of the working class.” Welcome to America, where many of them are so corporatized that they no longer are.

  2. As one who worked in the West Texas oil fields for a year and found out what it was like when there’s no union or even the threat of a union, it’s a good thing unions are there. Without them, you get treated like dirt.

    Just the existence of a union in an industry in an area will force the non-union employers in that industry to treaty workers better.

  3. Maybe so. Though my experience of unions was that they cared more about getting my exorbitant dues to pay for their lovely office than about the working conditions of their members. In fact, the contract they “negotiated” for us was weaker (and lower paying) than the standard company policy we would have had without a union. And for that they got 4 hours of my pay each month.

    I’m not saying there’s no place for unions. There is, and some unions still serve that need. But I’m saying that some of the largest unions have left that place and are exploiting workers almost as badly as the corporations they conspire with.

  4. Yes, when the union bosses become the ruling class, then the working class can get screwed yet again. And some local heads in LA make over 200k, for example.

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