Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

The Nokia N800 runs Linux, uses the Opera browser, supports Skype and Google Talk, works via a stylus or finger-friendly keyboard, and is just 4″x6″. Reviewers say the wi-fi finds more hotspots than any other device they’ve used. Plus, you can get open source apps for it at, something fully supported by Nokia.

This is a major upgrade from the last version, the 770 which did not have a finger-friendly keyboard, just a stylus one. Now that it has a usable keyboard, it becomes useful for many things, not the least of which is blogging.

Live blogging from, say, a big antiwar protest using a laptop, even a small one, can be problematic. The Nokia N800, however, will fit into a large pocket.

Price is a quite reasonable US $399.

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