Connecticut inmate dies in restraint, state wants reimbursement

Byrant Wisemen died in a Connecticut prison while being restrained by guards. His mother is suing. If she collects, under an Orwellian statute, the state wants to collect $87,000 to pay for keeping him in prison.

Yessirree, the State of Connecticut is busily gouging as much as it can out of current and former inmates, going after inheritances, lottery winnings, and even judgments for illegal arrests. While some might call this approach cold-hearted in the extreme, we here at Polizeros think the policy needs to be expanded.

Henceforth, those receiving speeding tickets should be liable for the officer’s pay and expenses on his car for, say, the preceding four hours. This would give whole new meaning to those who say, I pay your salary, why aren’t you out chasing the real criminals.

Ditto for anyone using any public service. Bill them for it. You should pay a fee for paying your property tax and state income tax above and beyond whatever you owe. Call it a fee fee, it will cover the cost of the state billing you. Banks are already quite expert at this, perhaps the state could learn from them.

Of course, the cost of determining the amount of the fee fee needs to be factored in too. So, clearly, a fee fee fee will also be needed.

Those on welfare, like inmates, are having every penny they might have be examined so the State can grab it too. Absolutely, once they’re off welfare, let’s bill them for it, then they’ll be broke and back on welfare again. Sharp thinking there. And it’s important the State never allow someone to get back on their feet again, gouging the defenseless for money is a much better option.

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  1. I think that’s rather entrepreneurial of them, to arrest people falsely and then charge the arrestees for using the state facilities. Why isn’t this being nationalized? We could charge the Guantanamo inmates for their extended stay, which is presently at government expense. Heck, if we could get Bin Laden to pay the bill, we wouldn’t need to kill him, we’d just expense him out of business!

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