Take the final step!


From Maxed Out, an excellent book about the current “era of predatory lenders,” in the conclusion, wondering why the exploitation has gotten so bad.

Perhaps…there have always been only two classes of people: owners and renters.

Perhaps the wealthy are simply those who own, regardless of the amount, and the poor are those who borrow their capitol and goods, no matter how impressive those goods may look parked in front of a big house that is also, in fact, rented.

To which a Marxist would say, take the final step. Put the pieces together. Yes, that’s precisely what’s happening. The ruling class is fattening itself by extracting huge amounts of money from the working class. That’s how they stay rich. Vicious and usurious lending schemes backed with a wink and a nod from Congress are simply one more example how the ruling class exploits the rest of us.

When the problems are systemic, then the solution is to change the system.