Spam comments

no spam

Polizeros has been getting about 1,000 spam comments a day of late, and while you never see them because Akismet traps them first, they are a nuisance, as well as putting an extra load on the server.

Virtually all of them get posted by spambots to old posts. Right, like someone is going to read a three year old post here and respond to the spambot’s offer to make their mortgage bigger or manhood smaller (or whatever it is their confused little brains are trying to sell.) But such spam comments happen all the time, about 1,000 times a day here.

So, I just installed another WordPress plugin, the highly useful comment timeout from James McKay. This automatically turns off comments made to any post before a predetermined date, thus killing most spambot attempts. So far, it’s working quite well, spam is now down to 40 per day rather than 40 per hour.