LAPD anti-gang tactics target Blacks and Latinos

LAPD has a new noxious tactic. They sweep neighborhoods, arresting ‘suspected’ gang members for minor violations, then charge them with felonies.

That those arrested would be charged with misdemeanors anyplace else simply shows how LAPD is perverting the law, and brace yourself for this shocker, they get to decide who a ‘suspected’ gang member might be. So, if they’re wrong, an innocent gets arrested for a felony and probably stays in jail because no one can go his bail.

Teens have been arrested simply because they were dressed in baggy pants. And then charged with a felony.

Those arrested are uniformly Black and Latino, funny how LAPD anti-gang squads never seem to target White or Asian gangs in this way.

Are there gangs who do nasty things? Absolutely. But thuggish, justice-perverting tactics like this just throw gasoline on the fire.