Complete capitulation from the Democrats


And total cluelessness too.

The Senate will not stop paying for the Iraq war or relent from insisting that President Bush keep pressing the Baghdad government for a negotiated end to the violence, a top Democrat said Sunday.

This, in the spineless world of congressional Democrats, is what passes for opposition. They’ve completely collapsed, and add absurdity to it by saying the Iraqi government needs to negotiate an end to the war.

The Iraqi government didn’t start the war. The US did. By invading. To say a puppet government with little if any real power in a country occupied by a foreign power is the reason the war is continuing is so uncomprehending as to be lunatic.

Thus, despite all the blather from Dems about being antiwar, their position of the war is now indistinguishable from that of Bush and they surrendered on funding the war after barely putting up a fight. Given this capitulation, how real can their position on troop withdrawal be?

I recently had a somewhat heated discussion with an antiwar Democrat activist who was morally outraged that I linked Pelosi in with Bush on the war. Oh no, he said, they are very different, and besides, you have to work towards incremental gain, not like what you radicals in ANSWER want.

Well, there’s your ANSWER, Mr. Antiwar Democrat. Your party just betrayed you. Again.

Radical action is what’s needed. A massive people’s movement can and will stop the wars. Timidly hoping congressional Democrats will do so is delusion.