Meankids and Kathy Sierra

So someone starts a site, MeanKids, to deliberately bash another blogger, Kathy Sierra, then is shocked, just shocked, when the bashing gets vicious. Spare me the bullshit. What happened is precisely what they encouraged to happen. Sierra ended up getting death threats and vile photoshopped images of her were posted. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

This is quite exactly like the small number of pro-war protestors on March 17 at the DC antiwar march and rally who spat on Iraq war veterans, insulted marchers carrying pictures of their children who’d been killed in combat, and screamed an unending stream of sexual insults at passing women. I’m sure Dubya must be proud of them as must be the assholes who started a site to deliberately attack a woman then sat back and let it spin out of control.

Pondscum all.