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  1. Did she… Or will she go back again?

    Lefti refers to the Dems as “good cop,” but that misses half the picture. In rural areas, Dems are the “bad cop”– Repubs get elected because if they don’t, the dreaded Dems will get into power. Sound familiar? It should. How often have I been told by Dems to vote for a Dem so the Repubs won’t get in? It’s all about fear, inspired so the two parties can hold on to what they’ve got: everything.

    Oh, to hear a political slogan other than “The other party is worse!”

    What is the solution? I doubt that it’s change from within. It’s been tried. Besides, like a batterer (male or female), they won’t change unless they really have reason, and these two have no incentive. It’s working for them. I hope to God the solution isn’t violent revolution, because that may create change but it rarely creates improvement. I had hoped that the “gang of fourteen” would indicate a splintering of the two sides- but of course not. They were all Dems & Repubs, why would they kill the horses that got them where they are?

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