Back home again


At least I think it’s back home. We moved from Los Angeles to Connecticut on Feb. 28, the movers arrived the week after that, then we left unexpectedly for business in L.A. a few days later. The trip was supposed to be four days but ended up being eight.

It was definitely weird staying in downtown hotels in a city we’d lived in for decades. We booked the flight through an online travel service and when we tried to extend the stay, they kept me on the phone for 90 minutes before saying it was impossible. Aaargh. I finally called the airline, who’d had me on hold for a hour previously. This time I got through fast and they rebooked it in 3 minutes.

The hotel rebooking got completely nuts. I called the online hotels site we’d booked the original stay with, and asked what three more days would cost. It was too much, so I said don’t book it. The next day I discovered they’d not only booked it, they’d raised the rates retroactively on the three days we’d already been in the hotel. Calls to them just got ‘we’re sorry’, but no action. I screamed loud enough that it appears the bill is now as it should be, and not with the several hundred dollars more they tried to sleaze through. We’ll never use them again.

Why is capitalism so predatory and sleazy? Just wondering…

It was great being in L.A. to help ANSWER LA organize the hugely successful antiwar march and rally on March 17 and seeing everyone again. Now we’re back in CT, badly jetlagged indeed, but after three transcontinental plane flights in six weeks totalling about 18,000 miles, Sue and I are ready to stay here for a while.