Success through failure?

Casey Serin, who bought eight house in eight months with no money down by, well, making shit up, has now lost most of his homes and will unquestionably lose all of them. So what’s he doing on his blog? Planning to expand the site so as to help others through foreclosure. Right…

Reminds me of a Wayne Kramer lyric, “there’s a self-improvement book called ‘Getting Used to Poverty’ “…

Casey, bless him, seems bound and determined to avoid doing any actual work that might avoid foreclosures. Rather, he blogs about it and dreams about the Big Score that’ll make everything right

Which reminds me of another lyic, this one by Springsteen, “The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.” But unlike Springsteen, most of them just end up as road kill, fattening the vultures.

And with the subprime market imploding, there will be lots of carrion for the financial elites to feast on.

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  1. sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. casey has guts. a lot of people fail until they succeed. keep going casey!!

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