ANSWER LA tv interview on antiwar march

ANSWER LA tv interview. Channel 62

Channel 62 interviews ANSWER LA organizer Carlos Alvarez at the office about the antiwar march and rally, which is today at noon at Hollywood and Vine, marching to Hollywood and Highland.

Performing live: Grammy-Award winning Ozomatli, Ben Harper, Jackson Browne, Hip-hop acts Skim, Rebels to the Grain and the Nomads.

Helga Aguayo, of Palmdale, California, wife of Agustín Aguayo, a conscientious objector court-martialed in Germany, sentenced just last week to 8 months in military prison for refusing to deploy on a 2nd tour to Iraq.

Vicky Castro, member of Gold Star Families for Peace, whose son Army Spc. Jonathan Castro 21, of Corona, California died in Mosul, Iraq in 2004.

Jabbar Magruder, Army National Guard, California Regional Coordinator, Iraq Veterans Against the War

April Fitzsimmons, former U.S. Air Force analyst, Veterans for Peace

Ron Kovic, Vietnam war veteran. author of Born on the Fourth of July and Academy Award-winning movie.

Martin Sheen, award-winning actor (“The West Wing”)

There will also be a demo in DC today and in SF on Sunday.

Let’s get in the streets.