The best burger

I lived in L.A. for thirty years and sampled many a burger. Upon moving to Connecticut, many told me the best burger ever was at Joe Pizza in Canton CT.

This required a taste test, and you know what, they’re right. Joe Pizza fresh-grinds their meat on the premises and offers a monster half pounder with any number of free toppings like grilled onions, peppers, buffalo sauce, etc. It’s beyond delicious, practically melts in your mouth, and the price is just $5.45.

Sorry Johnny Rockets, take a hike Tommy’s, you’ve been bested by a mom and pop place in the semi-country in Connecticut.


  1. I don’t know abot that. The best burger is at the bitter end in fairfield Connecticut

  2. I’ve lived in LA about 25 years now, off and on. Tried Tommy’s, Johnny Rockets and Apple Pan. All of them sucked, IMHO. The San Francisco Saloon on Pico. Man, them is tasty burgers!

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