March on the Pentagon this Saturday

Cinndy Sheehan. March 17 press conference
Cindy Sheehan at press conference for the D.C. protest

Buses are coming to the D.C. protest from NYC, Boston, Chicago, the midwest, and many other cities and towns. Ditto for the S.F. and L.A. protests, buses are coming to them from hundreds of miles away too.

By now, the ANSWER Coalition has distributed at least 300,000 flyers, ten of thousands of posters and stickers, and done outreach nationwide. It’s looking like the protests this weekend will be sizable. People are angry about the war, they want it to end. Soldiers too. They will be there and leading the D.C. march, as well as speaking from the podium.

The March on the Pentagon will not only be very large, it is drawing together people who have never participated in any demonstration before. Active duty soldiers, soldiers’ families, Iraq war veterans and other veterans are mobilizing and will form the front contingent.

D.C. logistics

L.A. logistics

S.F. logistics


  1. Are you in town?

    How many speakers are there? These rallies have become so formulaic that I yearn for many less speakers, especially at the end, and just lots of music/performance and frollicking in the streets–a sort of party ya know. Dancing in the streets.

    Any of the organizers ever consider that? Well, maybe not if they are speakers, too (grin).

    Frankly, it is the main reason I don’t attend much anymore. Or I march and leave right when the yellers (oops, speakers) start in, and then, unfortunately, miss what little fun there is with a band at the bitter end.


  2. Ozomatli and Jackson Browne will be playing. There will a third performer too I’m told, not sure of name yet.

    We arrive in LA tonight

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