Online from our new home

Comcast just hooked up the cable modem so we’re online from at home.

Big thanks to the wonderful Panera Bread, who has great food, coffee, free wi-fi at 890 locations coast to coast. If you can’t get online where you are, look for Panera Bread. We’ve used them quite a lot this past week.

We moved in yesterday. The very first appointment this morning was for Comcast. Getting online is not optional for both Sue and I!

And the cats are happily exploring their new home.


  1. I am reminded of a Chevy Chase movie…Is that an apt analogy? Are you tree changers? Here we divide the population opting out of suburbia between Seachangers and Treechangers. It is a major demographic phenomenon. Seachange was a popular, and extemly weel written, TV series here in Australia.

  2. We’re in the semi-country now. Still lots of homes and just two miles to a big shopping area, but our new home is surrounded by trees in an area where the smallest plot size is mandated at an acre.

    The first thing we noticed was that it is much quieter here. But then, we were on the approach path to Burbank airport at our LA home…

    Are we treechasers? Probably!

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