Australia to phase out incandescent light bulbs

They will mandate use of energy saving bulbs such as compact fluorescents by 2009, making them the first country to do so, thus saving huge amounts of energy and cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia recently made an 180 degree about face on global warming, going from denying it to being seriously proactive. May many other countries do the same.

In the US, Wal-Mart plans to sell 100 million CFLs a year, a move which could well revolutionize the lighting industry forever. Ding, dong, the incandescent bulb is dead.

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  1. Dr Ton Tran-Cong

    I bought my first CFL’s twenty five (25) years ago with the hope that they would help save the environment.
    They lasted about 200 hours each! So they actually actually sabotaged the environment with their
    manufacturing energy and waste !

    The new generation of CFL’s seems to be better for the environment but how can they replace short duration
    usage lamps such as fridge lamps, microwave oven lamps, security lamps, safety indicator lamps ? LED lamps
    are still sold at outrageous price. Without competition from incandescent lamps how can their price go
    down ?

    The ban may produce a black market for incandescent bulb and turns ordinary law abiding citizen into
    bandits! Incandescent bulbs should be left alone. We dont want to apply for exemptions to use incandescent
    bulbs on the security lights outside front doors to see who is knocking on the doors.

    It is more sensible to increase electricity price to force people to make the correct choice
    for their bulbs. How about an energy quota for individuals and make the price of energy be really high
    once the quota is exceeded ?

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