Republican Al Qaida terrorist?

A major Republican Party donor has been indicted for trying to send $152,000 to a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.

“The Republican party needs to be placed on ‘The List’ of terrorist related organizations and watched very carefully” says Drinking Liberally in New Milford.

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  1. I’ll start off with a quick thanks for spreading this story around! And then I’ll ask: “Are you still planning a move to CT?” I want to know when I can move you from my “top shelf” to my “Local Pubs” section? lol

    Looking down a little lower on your Blog I notice the “conspiracy” diary. I like conspiracy theories, BUT not because I believe in them. Those creative conspiracy writers/believers, sometimes, bring some minute factual details to light that are overlooked by everyone else, and that is what they usually build their conspiracies on. In the case of 9-11, there atoo many that are just outrageously false.


    From a grain of truth, legend and mythology are born. The legend and mythology does not make that grain of truth any less credible. Nevertheless, the grain of truth does not make the legend and mythology that follows real either.

    In fact, I would agree, to a certain degree, that sometimes it seems like the legend and mythology is authored in a deliberate attempt to muddy the existence of the grain of truth.

    “Confused? Well you should be… Stay tuned for the next episode of Soap! 🙂

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