Loose Brains. 9/11 conspiracy theories make people “idiots”

George Monbiot charges that infatuation with the 9/11 conspiracy film Loose Change turns opponents of the Bush government into “gibbering idiots.”People believe Loose Change because it proposes a closed world: comprehensible, controllable, small. Despite the great evil which runs it, it is more companionable than the chaos which really governs our lives, a world without destination or purpose. This neat story draws campaigners away from real issues — global warming, the Iraq war, nuclear weapons, privatisation, inequality — while permanently wrecking their credibility.

What poor ignorant fools they are. The truth is – the 9/11 theorists don’t go FAR ENOUGH. Why have NONE of them spoken of the space aliens who telepathically commandeered the planes, causing them to crash??? Only the DELIBERATELY BLIND will not see the space aliens were acting on behalf of their OVERLORDS in the FEDERAL RESERVE and WALL STREET who made BILLIONS from it and who are TIGHTENING their control on all of us. In fact, by NOT REVEALING the OBVIOUS TRUTH, the 9/11 theorists clearly show themselves to be PART OF the conspiracy they pretend to uncover. (Wiping foam from mouth…)

Hundreds of scientists with no axe to grind as well as CounterPunch have conclusively shown that the Twin Towers and Pentagon damage happened because planes hit them. That the evidence is consistent this, and not with some bizarre conspiracy that tens of thousands participated in for no apparent motive will, ofTwin Towers attack course, not dent the skulls of the 9/11 theorists. That’s the weakest link in their long chain of flimsy logic. What’s the motive for US government to destroy the Twin Towers? Answer. There is none nor do they present a motive. Apparently they can’t believe that a handful of Arabs and Muslims could have done it alone, so therefore it must have been a massive conspiracy involving all levels of US government – which is a racist and elitist assumption, America as the superior power.

There are plenty of real injustices and problems out there. So why waste time with 9/11 conspiracy garbage which deflects potentially useful energy into unproductive back channels where it accomplishes nothing. Predatory capitalism and global warming are two obvious problems which need attention now. Not half-baked 9/11 conspiracy theories.


  1. 9/11 “troofers” have been murking the waters of legitimate inquiry since just about 9/12/01.

    They helped justify Bush’s invasion of Iraq by insisting “19 towel heads” couldn’t possibly have carried 9/11 off. Gee, then the mighty U.S. military shouldn’t have too big a deal with a few more.

  2. Well, anyone who looks at all of the very strange events surrounding 9/11 and doesn’t scratch their head and think, if only for a moment, “well that is certainly weird” a few dozen times must not be seeing the same info I’ve seen or is missing a head to scratch. As far as motivation, it’s already been written in the PNAC documents. Same as the Nazi party had for burning down the Reichstag. Not mine, but Bernard Weiner’s words:

    “But, in order to unleash their foreign/military campaigns without taking all sorts of flak from the traditional wing of the conservative GOP — which was more isolationist, more opposed to expanding the role of the federal government, more opposed to military adventurism abroad — they needed a context that would permit them free rein. The events of 9/11 rode to their rescue. (In one of their major reports, written in 2000, they noted that “the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor.”)

    The Bush Administration used those acts of terrorism — and the fear generated in the general populace — as their cover for enacting all sorts of draconian measures domestically (the Patriot Act, drafted earlier, was rushed through Congress in the days following 9/11; few members even read it) and as their rationalization for launching military campaigns abroad.”

  3. Ehtu, Bob?

    There are no Illuminati, Knights of Tempar.

  4. a) AHA! Anyone who says there is no Illuminati must be a member…

    b) Yes, some of the events surrounding it were weird. But lots of sane rational folks who have looked at the evidence say the planes took down the towers and hit the Pentagon, that there were no other bombs, etc.

    That 9/11 was manna from heaven for the neocons doesn’t mean they did it. Given their obvious and glaring incompetence in military matters and in keeping secrets it’s just not possible they could have done it with no one, not even one person, breaking silence on a story that if proven true would bring the Bush government down in about 15 minutes. They just aren’t that smart or that powerful.

  5. Daniel Rivera-Franqui

    Great post. It is really sad that a bunch of people keep wasting their time supporting this idea, that it was all a conspiracy. It is really impossible to deal with them because to begin with, they will not accept any evidence or suggestion to the contrary of their beliefs. Any other answer is just not good enough for them.

    People should concentrate their efforts on fighting what has already been proven: The Bush Administration and their cronies has benefited economically (Halliburton anyone?) and politically from 9/11.

  6. I would still like to know who made all that cash on those “highly unusual” trades in airline stocks the day of the attack. I just don’t understand why they have not been able to trace these trades to their origin. How made all that money? Why can they not tell us?

    But I do understand the problem. We risk looking silly. I think the proper stance is “There are unanswered questions that US intellegence teams should attempt to answer.” Of course, some will never be convinced, but I do think there are a lot of us normal folks who are still unsure that rogue elements were not involved in some way.

  7. BTW Bob, I am trying to learn how to do stuff with WordPress. Any advise as to where to get pointers? Jonathan Lundell suggested that I check out your blog in part because you use WP.

  8. The 9/11 Truth Movement raises important questions that were not answered. This “gibbering idiocy” is actually what a liberal democracy looks like. Only about 16% of Americans still accept the official story about 9/11 as fact (Scripps/Howard poll). So in the 84% of Americans, of course you will find some morons. But what about the many well-educated, well-spoken people writing books and speaking out? Are they idiots? No. They are patriots. And this is why the movement is growing…because there are questions that were not answered and Americans will not stop until they are answered. I am predicting before the 2008 election it will become apparent to the whole world that the official account of 9/11 is false, and a new investigation will begin. And we will remember what was said here.

  9. Maybe the unusual trades (if they were made) were made by people in cahoots with the conspirators. If you knew the attacks were going to happen, and had major financial resources and the ability to conceal your trades, you could have made a lot of money off it.

    But that’s a lot of IF’s. Given that the US government has alleged nothing here, no paper trail, no nothing, and neither has anyone else, then this seems just more conspiracy theories and no evidence.

    As for WordPress, check wordpress.org for the downloaded versions and wordpress.com for the free hosted version. Both have lots of forums and FAQs. My tech blog is at bobmorris.wordpress.com, and it’s a great service; easy to use, free, and probably more than adequate for most bloggers.

  10. Thanks for the links Bob. I’ll look over both the WordPress sites you mentioned as well as your technical blog.

    Please do understand vis-a-vis the stock manipulations that occured the day of and days before the attachs of 9-11, I am not pointing to them as evidence of US government involvement, but rather, I am suggesting that finding the people who made a LOT of money might well lead to either other conspirators, or to people who knew in advance, but chose to stay silent.

    I believe it is more likely that the Saud family or other rich folks from that area of the world knew in advance, and just took advantage of the situation. If so, why hasn’t US intelegence named these folks?

    CNN reported on September 18, 2001, that the Security and Exchange Commission was looking into the question of bin Laden’s involvement in these stock manipulations. Here’s the link:

    My suggestion is, if we look into the question of who benefitted from these stock manipulations, we may find more folks who were involved in the attacks. There was a conspiracy. The question is, do you believe the conspiracy was limited to bin Lader and Co, or if there were others involved as well. One need not be a “nut” to want answers to questions we can reasonably expect our intelegence agencies to know or look into.

  11. You’re in good company, being a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist.

    For example, Charlie Sheen, whose brain is scrambled from decades of drug abuse.

  12. While I respect your beliefs about 9/11 and who is responsible, I would have to disagree with the assumption you make that only a handful of terrorists caused the entire 9/11 attack on our country. I find this extremely improbable. Is this to say that our entire government is so lax that all of its defenses allowed for a few men to do so much damage? For only a few men, regardless of race, to get through all of the security, do the damage, and then cover it up later seems close to impossible to me. If these men were involved in any way, they would have at the very least had to have inside people helping them. Our country is not focused on what race these people are, I feel it is unfair of you to make that judgement. The conspiracy theorists are simply concerned with the numbers and the improbability that so few people could do so great damage with such a powerful government defending this country.

  13. The claim here is that the United States government had absolutly nothing to do with these attacks. The attack was operated and executed by a handful of terrorists that had slipped past the government’s defenses. This claim is drawn from the idea that there was no motivation for the government to destroy the World Trade Centers. Bob provides no backing for his claim.

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