Circus of Detention

Giant tent cities that can be installed in a day currently hold thousands of undocumented workers immigrants who languish sometimes for weeks or months in windowless cocoons where the lights are always on. Children too.

Get ready America, if you see a crowd of tents popping up on the outskirts of your town, don’t mistake them for a new circus â┚¬â€œ it’s just a few hundred migrants performing some little detention act to an invisible audience. Nothing to be concerned about, just move along.

1.6 million undocumented workers are currently enmeshed in the immigration system. Does this not indicate that a) the workers are needed here, and b) the current system is dysfunctional? As for the conditions of the dentention facilities, well, most of us wouldn’t lock our pets up in windowless tents with the lights on all day with nothing to do, now would we?

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  1. Perhaps the Bushies could figure out a way of outsourcing those being held as agricultural serfs to arbibuiness, dishwasher in restaurants, gardners, etc., to make more money for Republican donors?

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