The Air Car

The Air Car
This tiny French car, The Air Car, will be in full production soon. It looks great for zipping around town, and generates absolutely no pollution and costs virtually nothing for drive. That’s because it runs on compressed air. Commercial models, including taxis and vans, are planned.


EcoGizmo has more.


  1. And where does the compressed air come from? (Yes, I know, from a bottle 😉 ).

  2. That is really cool!! 3 minutes for a station compressed air recharge and it can be charged electrically at home in 3-5 hours with an electric compressor which I’m betting could be tapped by a solar, wind, or bio-deisel generator.

  3. If this were an electric car and the electricity game from a coal-burning generator, you wouldn’t call that non-polluting, I hope! So what’s the technology involved to manufacture the steel tanks for the air and fill the tanks with compressed air?

  4. I hope thet will produce this year but dont get your hopes too high because they keep saying from 2003 they get it running in a year time. Probably you will get to buy 1 from 2010 or 2011 or so. By then there is much a tougher compettitive markt from hydrogen fuel based cars. So i’m not sure if it will even be a breaktrough as they are hoping for. They better be quick or they loose the battle against the hydrogen revolution.

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