Tax protestor barricades self in home

Ed Brown of New Hampshire was convicted of federal tax evasion. He’s barricaded himself in his home saying he’s ready for an ‘armed standoff.’ Supporters, generally of the homegrown prickly libertarian type that New Hamphire readily produces, are rallying around him.

He claims income taxes are illegal, a oft-tried and never successful defense. Wesley Snipes recently got indicted for attempting the same kind of thing. Taxes may be unfair, they may be onerous, but claiming they are illegal makes CPA’s like my wife wince because such defenses are doomed to failure.

Brown has accused at least one person who was helping him of being a government agent and threw him out of his house. Paranoia strikes deep, indeed. This caused the editor of the Keene Free Press to say she no longer wants to be out at his house even though she supports him.


Let’s hope police wait him out, and that’s there no assault on the house.