As we protest the war today

But as you march, bear in mind that the the White House is not the only target in this fight, and not the only subject of concern. We need to stand in solidarity with the suffering people of Iraq, with the dead and wounded civilians and soldiers on all sides and from so many countries, and protest all the equivocating politicians, complicit companies and still collusive media companies that deny access to the voices of the anti-war movement and continue to frame this debate so narrowly with little reference to new wars (and other old ones) underway.

votenowar.jpgIt’s not about being the loyal opposition within the Democratic Party, trying to convince them to end the war. The real problem is an economic system that feeds on war, invades other countries based on lies, with a complicit political apparatus in DC. 75% of the people oppose the war. Yet the politicos continue to fund and support it. In a real democracy they would be beholden to the people and the war would be over. We need a system that genuinely does the will of the people.